Raleigh Roast - Dark Roast

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Our Raleigh Roast is a speciality blend with notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut, full body.

Sourced from: Central America

Process: Washed

Roast: Dark

**Please note compared to some other coffee roasters, our dark is more of a medium. We don't do what is considered "French" or "Expresso" Roast as it masks the flavor notes and becomes a charcoal / burned flavor

Our goal is that with each cup of Raleigh Roast, you feel more focused, productive, and full of energy!

GIVE BACK : In honor of Lauren's grandpa - a portion of each bag purchased is donated to Parkinson's Foundation!

Laleigh Coffee provides fresh, organic, fair-trade clean coffee! You can count on our coffee being healthy and free of mold, toxins, pesticides and anything that could make you feel jittery or anxious! Our coffee helps you get your morning started right to set you up for a successful day! We want you to feel good so you can do good!